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Swimming has been my love for many,

many years, and I look forward to working with you and your child. I am a second generation swim instructor and my daughter Tasha, is a third generation instructor. While my staff and I are not miracle workers, together, with your help and with plenty of practice, we will see miracles happen. Learning how to trust and respect the water, enjoying it without fear and becoming confident in their ability leads to the miracle of swimming! Student’s parents of today frequently tell us how swimming played a most important part in their life. Swimming is fun, healthful, and is a great exercise. It can be used throughout your lifetime.


We charge $90 per month, payable by the month, on the first. There will be no refunds. There is a $10.00 service charge on all returned checks. Please make checks payable to Perry’s Swim School.

Delee Perry ~ (dē-leē)

Spent 12 years of her life in competition swimming and four of those years, she had her sights set on the Olympic Games. As luck would have it, she came down with mononucleosis in the spring of 1968 and was forced to miss her opportunity to compete on the team. What she learned from the years of competitive swimming followed Delee for the rest of her life. .

POSITIVE SUPPORT – Children need encouragement and encouragement in swimming is very important.

“Swimming gives you much more than just a sport that will last a lifetime. It gives you confidence, coordination, and self-esteem to know that you can conform in an environment that is different from everyday life.” stated Ms. Perry when ask how she felt swimming helped her during her life. “It gives me tremendous pleasure when a young man or woman comes up to me, calls me by name and tells me I taught them to swim when they were children.” “Thank you so much for allowing us to teach your children each summer.”.


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