About Us

Ocala has been my home since the 1950’s.

Born and raised here, I have seen Ocala grow from a sleepy little town of 20,000 people to the beautiful bustling community it is today. I grew up an only child but my parents believed in keeping me busy. Along with my school work I was active in swimming, tennis, golf, dance, music, and more. My mother was an avid golfer, gardener, and swim instructor dad was a public school principal and in the summer was the manager of the city pool.

Private Swimming Lessons

Florida Swimming History

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    Perry’s Big Pool. Built in 1959 by Newt and Dot perry. The opening Day hosted some big names from around the city of Ocala.

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    TarzanNewt Perry did a lot of things around the community but being the stunt double for Tarzan made him a name.

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    Ocala City PoolNewt and Dot taught swimming lessons at the City Pool in Ocala near Tuscawilla Park in the 1950′s

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    MermaidsNewt Perry founded Weeki Wachee Springs State Park in South Florida

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    PartiesRecreation is a summer time treat, Perry’s wants you to join in on the fun.

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    FamilyOur tradition spans 4 generations of Perry’s at our home here in Ocala.

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    Under WaterNewt Perry held the world record for holding his breath under water in 1939.

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    Diving BoardOne of the only Spring Board Diving Boards left in Ocala. Most people remember this from when they were young